Nobody to Somebody in 63 Days or Less:

Create An Identity

One of the most powerful things you can do as a professional networker to distinguish yourself within a crowd of people is to create an identity for yourself. One gentleman we know helps people redesign their ailing brochures. Appropriately, he calls himself the "Brochure Doctor" and wears a white doctors coat and stethoscope around his neck. If you see him again across the room at another networking function, do you think you will remember what he does for a living? In other words, if possible, don't just become another stuffed suit.

One reason many people have trouble remembering names in networking environments is because everyone tends to look the same. Be different! Have fun! If you are an aggressive trial attorney and present yourself as such, wear a shark hat. If you sell chocolates, why not give people a chocolate business card with a real one attached to it. If your product or service saves people money, wear a tie or scarf imprinted with hundred dollar bills. Dare to be different and you will instantly have everyone's attention. Hats, ties, scarfs, lapel pins, tie clips, business cards, hand-outs, and name badges are just a few of the ways you can be sure to get yourself noticed and more importantly, known.

Once you have a theme or gimmick, thread it through your promotional materials. Capture the theme in graphic form or in a catchy slogan and use it on your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and promotional materials. People remember pictures and images more than names. Soon you will develop a reputation. People who have attended the event will talk about you, and those you¼ve never met will say that they have heard of you from friends and associates. Never again will you be at a loss for words when you meet people for the first time.