Customer service marketing ideas

Keep 'Em Coming Back

Meeting deadlines is critical for any business owner, but it is also great marketing!

One business owner we know sets realistic deadlines, but also adds one day in his calculations. He always delivers the job the day before it's promised, which delights his clients and keeps them coming back for more.

Five Important Words That Keep 'Em Coming Back

One of the most successful fast food restaurants in our area keeps 'em coming back with great service and 5 words. Every time a customer receives his/her order at the drive-thru window, the cashier smiles and sincerely states: *Thank you. See you tomorrow.* A positive reminder that keeps 'em coming back.

Partial Payment Plans Attract More Customers

Offer flexible payment options to bring in more business. Break down the total project fee for your services into partial payments. If the project will take 90 days to complete, bill 1/3 of the total cost once a month as work progresses. It'll be easier on your customer's cash-flow, and you'll receive a "mini-retainer" every month, an exact sum that can help you schedule payments to meet your own financial commitments.

Offering Credit Card Payments Hits Big

A few years ago we started to offer the convenience of Visa and Mastercard payments for our graphics design, copywriting, printing and creative concept work, thinking only the small business owner would find this payment option attractive. Surprisingly, many of our bigger clients started paying with this method. One client, the marketing manager of a multi-million dollar high-tech corporation, began paying our bills using his personal credit card. All "above board" and approved by his company in advance, yet with an interesting twist. His company reimbursed him for the payments, and he then personally qualified for more airline frequent flyer miles due to the amounts he was charging on his credit card.

Extra Service With a Smile

Always provide a little "value-added" service at no charge. This can include one or two phone consultations, an e-mail follow-up or a "special report" that you mail after the project is completed.

"Convenience" Leads to More Business

According to a government survey, consumers will continue to buy products and services that are convenient and easy to use. (Example:the fast-food market is expected to double its revenues by the year 2000.) Most folks don't want to know how a product works - they just want to be able to use it when it's convenient for them. Be sure to include a "convenience" message in your marketing materials.

Refer Your Customers to Each Other

To grow your small business, it's important to consistently ask your existing customers for referrals. But don't forget to send your own customers to each other. One of the best ways to keep your name in front of your clients is to send them referrals who say "(Your name here) suggested I call."

Watch That Cycle!

Selling products? How long do they last? Every product has a lifecycle. Make sure you know what it is and be prepared to offer your customers timely replacements. Consistently contact them before the product lifecycle ends. Watch your sales soar.

Timing Is Everything!

Quick service means happy customers and increased profits. Speed up your profits by offering your service FAST! Example: a web page design firm offers to create and place a 6-Page Web Site on-line in 6 hours. A car detailing company offers to completely clean your car in 96 minutes. You get the picture. Speed it up if your business is slow.

Take the Time to Visit

It couldn't hurt to hand-deliver your next job to the client directly, instead of using a courier service. Your presence is the best reminder to them that you -- and your services -- are available.

Doing a Little Extra

Make the effort to do something extra for the client every time you do business. An independent computer repair technician we know makes it a point to find one extra thing to fix free of charge on every computer he repairs. He also lets the client know what's been fixed at no cost. His repeat business is tremendous.