Do Away With "Junk" Faxes

You may be doing yourself and your business an injustice by sending unsolicited "junk" fax flyers to prospect lists. We've had more business people tell us that they don't even read them because they "look a mess." Many business people wouldn't even consider doing business with any company that sent a junk fax because it makes them angry. Main reason: it wastes fax paper.

Discretion Is the Better Part of Faxing

Did you know that it's illegal in some states to send an unsolicited fax to someone? Yes, it's true. Here in the state of VA you can be fined $200 for each fax sent. We suggest you check the legalities in your location before you start faxing to folks you don't know. Many of our clients do their prospecting in person or over the phone first, then ask the question, "May I put you on our fax newsletter list?" Each fax newsletter also includes a statement that the client will be taken off the fax newsletter list immediately if they request it.

Use Your Fax Cover Sheet to Attract More Business

Most business folks use a standard fax cover sheet. A fax cover sheet can also be used as a marketing tool. Redesign yours to draw attention to special benefits of your products and/or services. For the customers you fax frequently, dedicate space on your fax cover sheet to show how your services and products can benefit their types of businesses. Change this message often. You can also include information about monthly product specials or limited-time offers on specific services.

Ordering By Fax - Part 1

If your customer/prospect has a fax machine, you have a potential sale. Just remember that every extra step required for the customer/prospect to make when ordering decreases the response rate. Prospects/customers appreciate the convenience of ordering by fax (no being left on hold, no voice mail, no envelopes, no stamps, etc.) Fax orders save business time and phone expense for both the customer and the company. It also cuts down on human error. How can you incorporate fax orders into your business?

Ordering By Fax - Part 2

Providing a toll-free fax number can help increase your orders. Make sure your fax order form is designed so there is enough space for the purchaser to write comfortably and legibly. Always send a fax confirmation notice for every order you receive and process.